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Digital Art:
Vector graphics and digital illustration.
Graphic Design & Layout:
Pixel perfect layout. Logos. Branding.
Web Site Design & Layout:
Initial concept for web site layout. Web site construction.
Traditional Illustration & Studio Art:
Traditonal illustration and line art. Studio art. Commission.
More to Come
Black Forest Design Studio can provide a variety of solutions to meet your graphic design and electronic communication needs.

Offering an independent view on the same old difficulties of presenting material in a fresh and innovative manner, Black Forest Design draws (and paints and designs web sites) on years of experience in the arts and sciences to help you accomplish your graphic design goals.

Whether simple or sophisticated, customized backgrounds, headers and images can enhance the look of your web site and make it stand out from every other template. Graphics can be designed so that they work as well on your web site as they do for your print collateral.

Black Forest Design can help you get the look you want.