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Black Forest DesignBlack Forest DesignBlack Forest DesignBlack Forest Design
Black Forest Design Studio is a UI and UX studio that specializes in cross platform coordination (print collateral matching up with website graphics), focusing first on the goal of a client and then on style.
Art Direction
666600 Conceptual Art (2D & 3D)
999933 Style Development
999966 Typography
cc9999 Color Theory
996600 Branding, Marketing
993300 Cross Platform Coordination (desktop print material matches website & internet graphic material)
cc6600 Photography
cc9933 Writing & Editing
UI/UX Design & Website UI Construction
cc0066 UI and UX Website Design (simple & complex)
990066 Website UI Construction
660099 HTML5 (proficient), CSS (proficient), XHTML, WC3 Compliant Coding
432e7e SEO (proficient)
333366 Google Certified Webmaster
006666 Network Solutions Webmaster, FB Support
669966 Vector Graphics & Digital Illustration
999966 Advanced Vector Calculus Background
666600 Dreamweaver (advanced), Illustrator (advanced), Photoshop (advanced)
Desktop Layout & Design
663399 Logo Design
432e7e Business Cards, Flyers, T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs
6666cc Layout
9999ff Cover Art
cc66ff E-Books, E-Publishing
990066 Acrobat Pro (advanced), In Design
993300 Writing & Editing
cc6600 Drawing, Sketching, Pen & Ink Illustration (drawing table, no computer)
Vector Graphics & Studio Art
9999cc Editing Stock Vector Graphics
669999 Custom Vector Graphics & Digital Illustration
006666 Converting Conventional Artwork, Illustration & Pen & Ink Rendering into Vector Graphics
006699 Conventional Drawing, Sketching, Pen & Ink Illustration (drawing table, no computer)
333366 Photography
Vector Graphics
A pen & ink illustration rendered as a custom Vector Graphic.

paul brown hunter
Software & Harware
336600 Adobe CS6, Adobe CS5
339900 Dreamweaver (advanced), Illustrator (advanced), Photoshop (advanced), Acrobat Pro (advanced), In Design, iPhoto
99cc33 Mac & PC Hardware (advanced)
ff9900 Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Mac OS X Mavericks
ff6600 Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint
cc0000 AutoCAD 2014
990066 Cintiq 13HD Drawing Pad
660099 Nikon D90 SLR
432e7e Ethernet High Speed Cable
6666cc Cannon Scanner Printer
9999ff Seagate External Back-Up Harddrives
Style Layout
Some initial style layout elements for Vincent Charles Catering in New York.

vcc strawberryvcc badge
vcc layoutvcc layout
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